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Drum motor 165ls with helical gearbox. compact design. powerful. reliable. other information about the product. drive for mediumlight loads and with steel gearbox. this motorized pulley is extremely robust with a strong torque and can take a high radial load. characteristics. saltwaterresistant aluminium bearing housings.

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Case Sealers - Case Sealer | Carton Sealers - Loveshaw

The flexibility and mobility of these designs allow for easy integration with most conveyor systems. Made from heavy duty 7-12 gauge steel construction, along with our self-tensioning and self-centering drive belts, these case sealers offer durability and low maintenance. Case sealer options / definitions / usage

Guide rail - BU series - Interroll - steel / roller

NEW CONVEYOR ROLLERS CATALOG. Other Interroll products Unit Handling - Rollers and Wheels. slip-on conveyor roller 1100 series . aluminum stainless steel PVC. slip-on conveyor roller 1200 series. belt-driven conveyor roller 38 Series. chain drive stainless steel aluminum. guide roller 2 series.

Belt conveying Conveyor components | Rulmeca Rollers

Home / Products Bulk handling / BELT CONVEYING Todays movement of goods and bulk materials demand state of the art methods. The Rumeca Group, with headquarters in Alm is an International leader in the production of components and equipment for all types of conveyors, providing a service based on a specialised technical competence accumulated

Interroll RollerDrive EC310-Conveyor Belts,Conveyor Rollers

Interroll RollerDrive EC310- A&S Conveyor Belts is a global supplier of Interroll RollerDrive EC310,We can provide you with Interroll RollerDrive EC310 with low

Conveyors & Powered Conveyor System Products

American Conveyor Group Inc., is a conveyor system integrator and an industry leader in Conveyors, Automated Conveyors and Powered Conveyor System Products. Regardless of your needs, American Conveyor Group, Inc., has the knowledge, experience and expertise to design and implement the conveyor solution that is right for you.

Interroll Drum Motors | Interroll Motorised Drums

Interroll Drum Motors are mainly designed for use in belt conveyors and connected conveyor systems.Thanks to many years of experience in the belt conveyor sector, Interroll can offer a comprehensive range. Interroll Drum Motors enable the construction of maintenance-free, energy-efficient conveyor belt systems.. Interroll Drum Motors have been specifically

Leading spiral conveyor solutions | AmbaFlex

AmbaFlex has its roots in print finishing. After the invention of the modern spiral conveyor in the late nineties, the first industry to use the SpiralVeyor was the print industry. At the end-of-line newspaper printing (mail room), binding and stitching lines, continuity is essential to success.

Conveyor Pulley: Head, Tail, Drum and Belt pulley

Conveyor Pulleys. A conveyor pulley is a mechanical device similar to a conveyor roller that is used to change the direction of the belt in a conveyor system or to drive the belt or to put tension on the belt. A conveyor pulley is more heavy-duty than a roller and is used at either end of a conveyor, or near the drive/motor.

Interroll Group

The Interroll Group is the leading global provider of material handling solutions. The company was founded in 1959 and has been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since 1997. Interroll provides system integrators and OEMs with a wide range of platform-based products and services in these categories: Rollers (conveyor rollers), Drives (motors and

Belt Conveyor Catalog Pdf -

Belt Conveyor Catalog Orthman. Belt Conveyor Catalog Phone 308 324-7591 Fax 308 324-7549 TOLL FREE 1-877-664-2687. It is the responsibility of the contractor, installer, owner and user to install, maintain and operate the conveyor, components and, conveyor assemblies in Belt Conveyor Ultimation

Motorized pulleys Belt conveyors | Rulmeca Rollers

The company as F rder- und Antriebstechnik Aschersleben GmbH becomes part of the Interroll Group, a worldwide, well-known manufacturer of unit handling conveyor components 1993 Double strategy: Increase in world-wide Motorized Pulley sales and development and production of rollers and belt pulleys

Motorized pulleys Belt conveyors | Rulmeca Rollers

Rulmeca Thailand was founded in 1st October 2003 which was separated from the Bulk handling business part of Interroll by acquisition from Rulli Rulmeca S.P.A, Italy. Rulmeca Thailand is the Rulmeca roller ( Bulk & Unit Handling ) production center for South-East Asia and produces the full range of Belt conveyor rollers for Bulk Material

CATALOG - Interroll

conveyor systems and, as a result, optimize energy demand and material handling. The bus interface enables integrating the zero pressure accumulation conveyor technology into Industry 4.0 systems. Interroll Drum Motors are designed for use in belt conveyors and conveyor systems. These robust, high-quality belt drives enable the construction of

Diverter conveyor - RM 8711 - Interroll - belt / roller

For diverting unit loads, particularly with smooth bottom surfaces, at different angles to the right or to the left onto a lateral track. Item weight Efficient RollerDrive Divert/merge in different angles Features • Available in two drive variants • HPD 24/48 V master: 24/48 V motors for travel and swivel drives (RM 8711) • HPD 400 V master: Travel drive from the flat belt conveyor

IMA Ilapak | Ilapak - Ilapak - Packaging Machines

For almost 50 years, IMA-Ilapak, with its wide range of flexible packaging solutions, has satisfied every form, fill and seal packaging requirement of the food, pharma, medical devices and wet wipes industries.


Catalog excerpts. INSPIRED BY EFFICIENCY INTERROLE CATALOG CONVEYOR ROLLERS ROLLERDRIVE CONTROLS INSPIRED BY EFFICIENCY INTERROLE. Inspired by Efficiency Smart handling of resources is mandatory for Interroll. Because we are convinced that efficiency is a fundamental value. It drives us to constantly improve products and processes.

Interroll conveyor rollers - The - The Conveyor Shop

The conveyor shop works with 1000s of suppliers and we only bring you the Best quality and the Fastest service for all types of rollers and we Believe that interroll are one of the best on the markert and we are happy to promote and sell their products and with our Great relationship we get a trade discount that we can pass on to our customers, for rollers and motorised drums

Interroll RollerDrive | Powered Rollers | Interroll

Interroll RollerDrive – RollerDrive and Controls are based on a simple principle: one motor for all applications. Interroll RollerDrive and Controls are used in automated conveyor technology. They are based on decentralised drive technology and can thus directly ensure that systems can be adapted to individual requirements.. The Interroll RollerDrive is a 24 VDC brushless motor

Conveyors - Used Conveyor - 3

Il. 60106 Phone: 630-350-3021 Fax: 630-350-0780. 65372 Used- Rubber belt conveyor, 12 wide x 8' long. Has 12 x 11 increments w. Used- Rubber belt conveyor. 12 wide x 8' long. Has 12 x 11 increments with approximate 1/2 high separation for assisting material up incline.


INTERROLL CONVEYOR SYSTEMS. Interroll is one of the most capable logistics solution partners in the world. To this day, it has manufactured over 500 million conveyor rollers, also known as stainless-steel rollers, PVC rollers, etc. Interroll rollers are specifically chosen according to particular segment: container and pallet transportation in distribution centres, mail

Interroll Drive Rollers, Conveyors, Drum Motors and Parts

Interroll provides system integrators and OEMs with a wide range of platform-based products and services in these categories: Rollers (conveyor rollers), Drives (motors and drives for conveyor systems), Conveyors & Sorters as well as Pallet & Carton Flow (flow storage systems). Interroll solutions are in operation in express and postal services


Interroll’s new conveyor platform offers a state-of-the-art industrial design, in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. All elements perfectly fit one another and reconfigurations become truly plug and play. On the following pages you willread why the modularity and the high performance of Interroll’s new conveyor

Conveyor Rollers | Intralogistics Aftercare Solutions Ltd

Interroll Drum Motors enable the construction of maintenance-free, energy-efficient conveyor belt systems. Features and Benefits: Interroll Drum Motors will keep operating at 100 % even in harmful environmental conditions, such as water, dust, grit, chemicals, grease, oil and even during high pressure wash-down procedures.

Chain drive conveyor roller - 350 series - Interroll

Find out all of the information about the Interroll product: chain drive conveyor roller 350 series. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a price or your closest point of sale.

Conveyor Modules | Interroll Group

Interroll conveyor modules offer enormous versatility with straight lines, curves, merges and transfers. A wide range of modules, consisting of roller conveyors, belt conveyors, lifters, High Performance Diverts and spiral lifts, covers all material flow requirements. With the modular conveyor platform MCP, whose modules are matched to each other and can be combined

Conveyor Rollers - Interroll - PDF Catalogs | Technical

3 2 13 Interroll Product 1 Overview 4 13 8 11 Interroll – T h e m ost g lo ba l p r ov i d e r o f k ey p r o d u c ts f o r m at e r i a l h a n d l i n g so lu t i o n s 1 Order picking racking with Carton Flow (Roller Track) 5 Order picking racking with Flex Flow 6 Drum Motors, Idler Pulleys, brackets 7 24 V DC RollerDrives and Controls 8 Conveyor Rollers and Accessories 9 Idler Pulleys

Motorized pulley 165LS | Rulmeca Rollers

Drum Motor 165LS with helical gearbox. COMPACT DESIGN. POWERFUL. RELIABLE. Other information about the product. Drive for medium-light loads and with steel gearbox. This motorized pulley is extremely robust with a strong torque and can take a high radial load. Characteristics. Salt-water-resistant aluminium bearing housings.

it110r2 Conveyor Roll#6E084

CONVEYOR ROLLERS North and South America USA Interroll Corporation 3000 Corporate Drive USA-Wilmington, NC 28405 Tel. +1 910 799 1100 Fax +1 910 392 3822 [email protected] Canada Interroll Canada Ltd. 1201 Gorham Street CDN-Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 1VI Tel. +1 905 727 33 99 Fax +1 905 727 32 99 [email protected]

Precision link conveyors - TL Series | CDS CAM DRIVEN

Product Description Precision link conveyors. CDS Precision Link Conveyors TSL, TL and TXL provide the industry’s highest accuracy and repeatability for automated assembly and manufacturing machinery platforms combined with the highest dynamic performance available on the market.. They are used on machines that require stability, precision, high speeds and low

Conveyors - Trout Underground

General Interest, Rexroth L1500 S09-27 208/60 25mm x 1500mm Conveyor Belt Set With 42R6BFPP 230/460VAC 3-Phase Motor Includes: Right and left side conveyor belts, 1140mm connecting rod and adapters, Rexroth 42R6BFPP 230/460VAC 3-Phase Motor, PAYMENT: Payment is due upon receipt of your final invoice. We accept PayPal and all major Credit Cards.